About the course
About the registration and payment
About VC sessions
About assignments and Learning Management System (Moodle)
About UNCDF Microfinance Distance Learning package

About the course

1. Can I take only the accreditation exam?
> Statistics of previous courses showed that submission of assignments and receiving online tutoring help participants to master the knowledge and best practice of microfinance. Since MFTOT5, submission of assignments to a tutor became mandatory for all participants. If you were a participant of MFTOT7/8 and submitted some assignment, please email us to apply for continuing your study in MFTOT9.

2. How much is the course fee?
> The full course fee is US$300. However, participants from least developed countries and middle-income countries will receive $250 and $150 sponsorship respectively. Please see our Guideline for Participation Fee.

3. Can you send me the certificate in hard copy by mail?
> We regret to inform you that the certificate will be issued electronically since we have a large number of participants from all over the world and our capacity is limited. If you wish us to send a hard copy, the postal fee will be charged.

4. When the next course will be offered?
> We plan to offer the course every year. The schedule will be announced at http://mftot.jointokyo.org.

About the registration and payment

1. How do I know whether I was successfully registered in this course? Could you let me know if my registration was accepted?
> You are successfully registered if you see the message ‘You already completed this activity’, when you re-click the registration form.

2. How do I pay the course fee?
> The payment method will be different from a country to a country. The detailed instruction will be given about one month before the course starts.

3. My credit card was not accepted by PayPal.
> Please email us.

4. I can not pay the course fee due to my financial situation.
> Interested participants who may have difficulty to pay are encouraged to seek local individual sponsorship, such as your employer.

About VC sessions

1. I would like to know if the DLC in my country is a selected venue for VC sessions.
> Information will be posted in November.

2. I tried to watch the webcast, but the quality was too bad.
> If you have an email other software that uses the internet, it would be a good idea to close that during the webcast. If it still doesn't help, you can download video and audio files about a week after the session, which will be available at the course website.

3. Will you cover the fee for transportation and accommodation to the DLC, since my home is very far?
> We are unable to cover any expense occurs at your end. The videoconferences will be webcast and archived. Downloadable video and audio files will be posted at the course website about a week after the session.

4. I can not attend all the videoconferences live due to my work schedule/time zone.
> The session will be archived, and downloadable video and audio files will be also posted at the course website about a week after the session.

About assignments and Learning Management System (Moodle)

1. I have the learning material in my mother language. Can I submit assignments in my mother language?
> Yes, you can if the local country tutor is available. However, participants who wish to receive the accreditation certificate must submit all assignments in English and take the exam in English.

2. I can not submit my assignment in the system due to limited internet connections.
> Please submit your assignment to your tutor by email.

3. Can I resubmit my assignment?
> Yes, you are allowed to resubmit with some conditions. Please contact your tutor if you wish to resubmit your assignment.

About UNCDF Microfinance Distance Learning package

1. I am using a Mac and I can not use CD1 included in the package.
> Unfortunately the CD1 works only with Windows PC. Please use the online version at http://www.jointokyo.org/mfdl/.

2. I can not open the last reading material in CD #2: Wright, Graham. "Principles and Practices: Myths of Regulation and Supervision," MicroSave - Africa, 12 January 2000.
> The file in CD2 is broken. The file is attached here.

3. The link for Microbanking Bulletin given in 'MFDL readings.xls' in CD #2 leads me to a strange website.
> The correct URL is here.